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article shade Available on Substitute
P017 1 sold outP017/9
P017 12 30-09-2021n.a.
P045 17 sold outP070/10
P045 21 15-09-2021n.a.
P045 9 15-09-2021P045/11
P133 1 sold outA973/1
P133 10 sold outP181/9
P133 12 sold outn.a.
P133 13 sold outP045/2
P133 14 sold outP181/10
P133 2 sold outP181/8
P133 3 sold outP181/7
P133 4 sold outP181/7
P133 5 sold outP181/5
P133 6 sold outP138/22
P133 7 sold outP181/1
P133 8 sold outn.a.

Bunch: CAPSULE S21

article shade Available on Substitute
P181 1 30-09-2021n.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
A913 390 sold outn.a.
P099 1 sold outP171/1
P138 10 31-08-2021A833/20
P138 15 sold outn.a.
P138 19 sold outA866/10
P139 22 sold outn.a.
P139 28 sold outn.a.
P139 50 sold outA913/416


article shade Available on Substitute
A913 215 sold outn.a.
A913 274 sold outn.a.
A913 311 sold outA913/363
A913 316 sold outA913/369
A913 350 sold outn.a.
A913 358 sold outn.a.
A913 362 sold outn.a.
A913 365 sold outn.a.
A913 366 sold outn.a.
A913 369 sold outn.a.
A913 386 sold outn.a.
A913 395 sold outA913/422
A913 416 sold outn.a.
A913 419 sold outn.a.
A913 426 sold outA913/485
A913 428 sold outA913/416
A913 436 sold outA913/467
A913 439 sold outn.a.
A913 440 sold outn.a.
A913 449 sold outP166/9
A913 451 sold outn.a.
A913 453 sold outn.a.
A913 457 sold outn.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
P013 10 sold outP152/12
P013 19 sold outn.a.
P013 51 sold outn.a.
P013 59 sold outn.a.
P013 64 sold outn.a.
P013 66 sold outn.a.
P123 13 sold outP139/43
P123 19 sold outA913/389
P123 22 sold outP139/28
P123 30 sold outP139/3
P123 31 sold outn.a.
P123 32 sold outP139/12
P123 33 sold outn.a.
P123 4 sold outP123/29
P123 7 sold outn.a.
P123 8 sold outP108/15
P136 2 sold outA913/287
P136 4 sold outD084/2
P152 10 sold outP013/17
P152 2 sold outA913/369
P152 4 sold outn.a.
P152 5 sold outn.a.
P152 7 sold outP013/9
P159 2 sold outn.a.
P168 2 sold outP136/4

Bunch: EVENTI SS20

article shade Available on Substitute
A852 13 30-09-2021n.a.
A852 23 30-09-2021n.a.
E031 1 sold outn.a.
P075 10 sold outn.a.
P075 5 sold outn.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
P016 16 sold outP016/43
P016 17 sold outP016/6
P016 57 sold outn.a.
P016 8 sold outP150/8
P135 2 sold outn.a.
P160 2 sold outn.a.
P160 3 sold outP135/3
P160 4 sold outn.a.
P162 5 sold outn.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
C131 4 sold outC131/13
C134 8 sold outn.a.
C149 2 sold outn.a.
C150 8 sold outn.a.
C163 10 sold outC131/16
C163 7 sold outC109/3
C176 1 sold outC191/3
C176 7 sold outC138/9
C177 1 sold outC185/5
C177 2 sold outn.a.
C178 3 sold outn.a.
C179 2 sold outn.a.
D072 4 sold outn.a.
D072 9 sold outD072/17
D081 4 sold outD072/13

Bunch: MOHAIR W SS20

article shade Available on Substitute
A851 20 15-09-2021A592/48
A851 23 15-09-2021A770/6
P076 10 sold outA959/10
P076 3 sold outn.a.
P076 4 sold outA851/17
P076 7 sold outA770/15

Bunch: MOOVE SS20

article shade Available on Substitute
P031 10 sold outP017/14
P132 3 sold outn.a.
P144 1 sold outP138/1
P144 8 15-11-2021P149/9
P151 15 30-08-2021n.a.
P151 7 30-08-2021n.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
B022 1 sold outP102/3
B022 3 sold outn.a.
B024 10 sold outA992/67
B026 1 sold outC185/1
B026 2 sold outP181/2
B027 1 sold outn.a.
B027 2 sold outP070/4
P105 12 sold outn.a.
P105 5 sold outn.a.
P154 1 16-09-2021n.a.
P156 3 sold outn.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
A935 69 sold outn.a.
P108 1 sold outA972/1
P131 4 sold outn.a.
P131 5 sold outn.a.
P150 4 sold outn.a.
P150 9 sold outL065/32
P165 1 31-10-2021n.a.
P165 3 31-10-2021P100/3
P166 11 sold outn.a.
P166 13 sold outn.a.
P166 5 sold outA913/331

Bunch: SUMMER 130S SS20

article shade Available on Substitute
A959 12 sold outn.a.
P103 6 15-10-2021P151/16
P129 26 sold outn.a.

Bunch: SUMMER 150S e 160S SS20

article shade Available on Substitute
A770 17 30-09-2021P151/16
A770 5 30-09-2021P151/5
P149 10 sold outA866/11
P149 12 sold outP151/13
P171 1 sold outP099/1
P171 11 sold outn.a.
P171 5 sold outn.a.


article shade Available on Substitute
P025 52 31-10-2021P043/3
P025 61 sold outP110/1
P025 64 sold outn.a.
P025 71 15-09-2021n.a.
P025 77 sold outn.a.
P025 80 sold outn.a.
P167 12 sold outn.a.
P167 5 sold outn.a.
P167 7 sold outP200/13

Bunch: WAVES SS20

article shade Available on Substitute
P012 29 sold outn.a.
P012 42 sold outD064/14
P053 9 sold outn.a.
P097 6 sold outn.a.
P134 3 sold outP153/5
P153 8 sold outP153/2
P153 9 sold outP044/11
P158 1 sold outn.a.
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